FiTrain February Member of the Month: Jill Klover

Feb 1, 2021

Ever have that feeling that someone is watching you? While it happened to me on a Thursday this past July I was sitting at my highest weight. I was mindlessly scrolling Facebook trying to figure out what was next...another "diet" that I wouldn't end up sticking with, medication for boardline high cholesterol, or clicking on the FiTrain ad to lose the quarantine 15. 
Without much thought, I reached out to Pedram, got the information and told my husband that I needed to do something. At that point the only thing I had to lose was a few pounds. 
Growing up, I played softball throughout high school, was very active throughout the year and never worried much about my weight or how much food I was consuming. When college started, I was not active at all but continued to eat like I was still conditioning for the next softball season. This was all followed by continuous weight gain for several years.
After my father suffered from several TIA (mini strokes) and was diagnosed with diabetes, I was determined to help him. I started Weight Watchers to gain information on portion control and how to eat better, both for myself and to give the information to my Dad. We were both successful in losing weight and he got his diabetes under control. The next several years had been a wild rollercoaster in my weight lose (and gain) journey.  
After getting engaged in December 2012, I knew I did not want to walk down the aisle feeling and looking the way I did. Again, I entered Weight Watchers. Over the next year, I lost 40 lbs and got married August 2014 feeling the best I had in a long time. We quickly decided to start our family finding out in February 2015 that we were pregnant. The pregnancy weight melted off fast, but when my breastfeeding journey ended I again continued to eat without any control.
With Fad diets, not pushing myself with at home workouts and lack of self motivation the weight once again climbed. July 2018 during Pregnancy #2, I hated going to checkups and getting on the scale, plus my body ached from the extra weight I was carrying. Knowing this was my last pregnancy, I told myself to enjoy that cookie, ice cream, fast food, etc if you are craving it. This time the weight didn't come off as much, and about one year postpartum it actually started to come on quicker! Day after day, I told myself something needed to change but I was not sure how to go about it this time. I knew the plans I had followed in the past worked for a short time but they were not sustainable for the long term, nor did they provide the accountability I needed.
Thats when I saw the ad on Facebook for FiTrain. I was nervous since it was going to be something that I had never done before. But looking back, I wish I would have seen the ad sooner! 
The past seven months have been life changing for me. The accountability, encouragement and positive environment is exactly what I needed to get my weight down and mindset in the right place. 
There are truly not enough words to express how grateful I am for Pedram and the FiTrain trainers. I may still not be much of a morning person, but I know that each session gets me stronger and closer towards my goals.
The results I have experienced have come in many forms. From losing 27 lbs and sliming down inches, gaining control of my nutrition, learning how to push myself a step over my comfort zone, and finally realizing that I am doing this for me because I deserve it! 
My journey is nowhere near perfect and there are days, sometimes weeks, I struggle but I will continue to show up to be the best version of myself everyday thanks to the family at FiTrain. 
"When you want to give up, remember why you started."
"It's a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up."