FiTrain January Member Of The Month: Anthony Harris

Jan 1, 2021


It was the middle of the Pandemic and I noticed that I was very large, larger than I have been my entire life.  Walking up the stairs was a chore and I was no longer able to fit my clothesI have tried many different workout plans on my own in the past, but that simply wasn’t enough. I needed a push, I needed accountability, I needed reassurance.  One day, I decided that I no longer wanted to dream about being fit and healthy, that it was time to make a dream my reality.


I recently moved from Richmond, VA so I was unaware of any fitness centers nearby. I did not want to simply go to a gym, I have tried that and failed. Google aided me in my search of a nearby fitness center located 5 minutes from my house. I messaged FiTrain through Facebook, and Pedram wrote me almost right away and invited me to check out the Facility on the upcoming Saturday. After being in the facility, I just knew that FiTrain was the place I needed to be. The following week I took a class and attended a personal training session. I was wiped out, and there was my confirmation, the push that I needed. That was in August. Since then, I have lost almost 40 pounds and a couple inches all around.
Since I began training, I have grown to love working out, and I have trainers there to push me when I feel as if I have reached my limits. I have definitely achieved the confidence to continue to grow and breaking new barriers. I have seen my body go through so many awesome changes. I can feel muscles that I didn’t know I had, My posture has changed, and I able to look nicer in my clothes. I feel much more confident  when I go out and my esteem has increased.  Overall, I have more energy and have discovered that I am inspiring others concerning their fitness.  I am so grateful for the FiTrain family, this is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.