FiTrain March Member of the Month: Christy Katschke

Mar 1, 2021


I started training with Pedram, in 2018, at a previous gym that began my journey. Although I didn’t reach my goal at that time, I lost 14lbs and gained so much more stamina. Pedram invited me on my first run in July of 2018, I was hooked. I began running and training for a 15k with my coworkers in Nov of 18. That was the hardest athletic event I had ever done. I continued to loose and in Nov of 2019, my husband decided that he needed to check some adventures off of his bucket list so we joined Fitrain as a family. 

Since joining in 2019, I have strengthened my core and arms more than ever before. I have reached my goal weight and finally feel comfortable in my own skin. 

I have lost a total of about 35lbs, 4 pants sizes, and 3 shirt sizes since 2018, I have a better mental capacity, and am in the best physical shape I have ever been in. My husband tells me I don’t look 41, and I certainly don’t feel 41, most days! LOL