FiTrain June Member Of The Month: Kristin Waters

Jun 1, 2020


Kristin Waters

As a dancer growing up and in college I was always “working out” during dance class. After I stopped dancing I struggled to workout consistently. Not only was I not working out consistently I was doing a lot of exercises incorrectly. The way I did everything was based on how I learned while dancing. When I worked out after dance I ended up injuring my back.  It wasn’t until I met Pedram in June of 2018 that I started to really enjoy working out. He has corrected my form and helped me gain the much needed strength to workout without injuring myself. 

Kristin Waters

I currently workout 6 times a week and am the strongest I have been in my life. I never knew I could be challenged the way he challenges me. There are many times I look at him like he is crazy, but His enthusiasm inspires me to finish the exercises and the workouts. It is amazing to experience all the different workouts he has up his sleeve. No workout has ever been repeated. Not only are the trainers amazing but the clients are all encouraging and wonderful to train with. FiTrain for life!

Waters family