FiTrain November Member Of The Month: Jill Perry

Nov 1, 2020


My health and fitness journey at FiTrain started in May of 2019. There were several reasons that finally led me to the decision to join a health club facility. After an annual checkup with my doctor, I was informed that I have osteopenia and high cholesterol. Two other issues were being overweight and an ache in my leg that had been bothering me for a couple of years. My biggest concern was the osteopenia, which is a condition that begins as you lose bone mass and your bones become weaker. The condition can not be reversed, but can stay stable with weight bearing exercises and muscle strengthening exercises. So, when my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, instead of saying a clean kitchen (that I asked for every year), I asked for a gym membership.

I was scared and nervous about going to FiTrain as this was outside my comfort zone. I wanted to feel comfortable and welcomed at the gym and didn’t want to feel intimidated by others. I had been to the YMCA a few times but I didn’t like the atmosphere and didn’t feel like I fit in there. I had talked with Pedram about my health concerns before starting a class and he reassured me that the trainers would help guide me through exercises according to my fitness level. I remember asking him what I could do to prepare myself before starting classes and he said running would be a good thing to do. I figured I was doomed after that! Haha!

My first month I was sore all the time! Sometimes after a workout I felt as if I couldn’t even walk to my car. But, I kept going back, kept trying my hardest, and giving it my all for 30 minutes. For the first time in 30 years I had to alter my work schedule around my workout schedule. I felt good about working out, I felt stronger, I felt challenged, and most of all I felt comfortable to be at FiTrain.Now I can actually say I enjoy working out, something I had never said before.

Most of my life I have battled with my weight. When I was younger the older boys on the block would call me Fatso or Fatty. I was chubby, but no one deserves to be called names. I was very active as a child so my weight gain was from my eating habits and poor nutrition. My parents had to feed a family of seven on a tight budget so my mom did the best she could on meal planning. We ate a lot of creamy, cheesy, casseroles and fried foods. One thing my mom made me for breakfast was bread with a thick layer of butter and sugar on the top. I can’t believe I survived those years! In my teenage years I thinned out, but always felt bigger than the other girls. Of course, in college I gained the freshman 15 but was able to lose that quickly. After having children I was up and down with my weight and last year I was at my all time highest weight. I felt uncomfortable and gross! My uniform for work was tight and I knew I needed to try something new to lose the weight. I have always enjoyed walking, but the walking was not enough to help me lose any weight.

Since my journey at FiTrain I have lost 22 pounds, I’m down two sizes in clothes, and have lost several inches. I am much stronger, my cholesterol is down, the ache in my leg is gone and I feel a 100% healthier. Over the summer my friends and family realized the weight I had lost and the muscle I had gained. I had several people compliment my arms and for once I was really proud of myself.

Thank you Pedram for adding this great facility to our community and thank you for your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. My biggest thanks goes to LaDonna, she’s my Wonder Woman! She has helped me gain strength, she has helped me through my ailments, she has encouraged me, and has supported me since day one. She has challenged me to do things I never thought possible and I have done them!

When new clients come to the gym and Pedram says on Facebook, welcome to the FiTrain family, he really does mean family. From the moment you walk in the door you are being welcomed by a friendly hello from the staff. Everyone at the gym is friendly, encouraging and supportive and I am pleased to be a part of that.