FiTrain October Member Of The Month: Pamela Fletcher

Oct 1, 2020


I’m honored and humbled to be chosen as Fitrain’s October Member of the Month! It has been such a fun journey for me to be at my current state of Health and Wellness. I grew up in a household where sports was not encouraged or promoted;rather the focus was on school and music. In college after gaining that “freshman 15” I knew something had to change so I hit the road – running. After college the rage was Aerobics (some of you may remember Olivia Newton John’s video “Let’s Get Physical)!

Later, after raising three very active, involved, children (all born via cesarean) I joined the YMCA, “working out” between the elliptical, treadmill, and cycle. I’ve always focused on cardio as my primary means of exercise; and dieting meant eating salads.

In 2018 I was adjusting to many changes, my (ex) husband had left, my oldest two children graduated college and began their careers, and my youngest son upon graduating from High School joined the Army. With more time on my hands and a scale reading higher than I liked, I answered an ad to participate in a 6 week weight loss/fitness challenge. If my son could go through basic training so could I! That is when I met the amazing Pedram and LaDonna.

While I did not reach the 20 pound mark in six weeks I did manage to lose 17 and discovered in the process that I had arms! I was hooked – I never had any desire to lift weights before but now I looked forward to those workout days. In addition, the knowledge I gained about nutrition has changed the way I think about food. I followed Pedram and LaDonna to Fitrain following the closure of that club. I absolutely love the variety of interesting activities that we do (really – mountain climbers on carpet sliders!).

Every single day is different and always challenging. Pedram has a way of knowing more about my limits than I do and this just increases my confidence. In preparation for my daughter’s wedding, I participated in the “Little Black Dress” project this past January. What was so enlightening about this plan was the variety of foods (some I never even had tried before), inclusive of all food groups. I have especially learned a lot about protein and am hooked on breakfast smoothies! As part of the “just rolled out of bed” 5:00 a.m. early bird crew, we may not be getting any worms but we are getting pushed to be stronger and healthier while laughing and sweating, setting up our day to be great.

I feel blessed to know Pedram (and staff) , they are special trainers that know how to adapt to the uniqueness of each individual they work with always encouraging them to do/be their best.