FiTrain September Member Of The Month: Raunda Andrews

Sep 1, 2020



I have battled with my weight ever since I had kids. I've tried all the fad diets, weight watchers and keto. I did have success with keto but it was short lived because it's not a sustainable way of life. I gave up on trying. I had double knee replacement, back and hip pain that required pain management shots. Everything hurt. Overweight and out of shape was an understatement. Getting up off of a chair often required a helping hand. Then I found Fitrain and Pedram.

He works with my limitations , helps me with my nutrition, and always keeps my workouts interesting and never the same. It has changed me so much. I've lost 70 pounds and I don't even know how many inches in 8 months, which is incredible, but that's not even the best part! I'm strong and getting stronger everyday. I have muscles! I found my abs! I don't hurt like I used to.

I'm doing things I never thought possible, push-ups, sit-ups, weight lifting etc. I have more energy. I can get on the floor and play with my grandbabies. I absolutely love going to the gym. The harder the workout, the more I love it! Pedram challenges and encourages me everyday. I also can't say enough about my " gym buddies". They are awesome and always encouraging me. I'm still a work in progress but I know I'll get there! Fitrain is now part of my family and I couldn't be happier!