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Robb Renninger

Pedram is a great leader and helps me push the limit. Every training is new and he constantly knows how to keep things fresh and challenging. Highly recommend.

Bridget Ohnezeit Murphy

I have never met a more dedicated and knowledgeable trainer than Pedram. He is always pushing you and giving you so much encouragement that you never want to disappoint! I love working out with him and the people that I have met at FiTrain. Great place to build a better you!!!

Pat Tudor Wong

The best part of FiTrain is Pedram. He is the most knowledgeable and caring trainer. Pedram knows how to make the best of a work out and specializes it to each client's needs, while keeping the workouts affordable. He genuinely cares.

Kristin Waters

Never would I have thought that I would look forward to working out until I met Pedram. He is very knowledgeable, caring and energetic. Every workout is different with only limited people so he can focus on everyone’s needs and challenges. I highly recommend FiTrain!

Maryann Chapman

My training with FiTrain has left me breathless! Literally. Pedram is an outstanding trainer. Very knowledgeable and encouraging. He has personalized my training to match my short and long-term goals. In addition to the training I am also held accountable with respect to the nutritional component of my wellness plan. In only a few short weeks my training has resulted in pounds lost, strength and balance gained, and increase speed. As a trainer Pedram pushes me to limits I never thought I could reach. His belief in me translates to my increased belief in myself. I highly recommend FiTrain and Pedram to those wishing to be challenged in a supportive environment where you are surrounded by a lot of wonderful people.

Roberta Woods

Motivating, dedicated trainer who truly cares about his clients. Pedram is professional and knowledgable. I have seen results not only in inches but in balance and coordination.

Hazhar Merza

It’s the perfect place to get in shape with an awesome trainer!

Erin Gerig

Pedram truly gives you a personalized experience. I love that you can either work in a private session or come to classes with others. I have seen tremendous results since starting with Pedram. I recently had a doctors appointment where I found out that my blood pressure is 100% normal...that hasn’t been true in YEARS. I find myself craving a workout rather than dreading it, and my daily life is so much better. Pedram is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging, and knows how to get your best results. Get on the FiTrain!

Denny McDermott

FiTtain has been a great experience! Working with Pedram is actually enjoyable which is not something I thought I would say about working out!! Thank you Pedram!!!!

Mandy Weaver

I have seen great results since I started working out with Pedram. I’ve slimed down, toned up and lost weight. The support and encouragement from everyone at FiTrain is the best.

Jeff R Biesen

Super motivator Pedram pushes to the edge but you gotta love him for it!

Parya Etebari

A great beginning to change your life forever.

Donielle Spencer

Most definitely. Pedram is such a great motivator. In the moment you think I’m dying I can’t do anymore but he pushes you and by the end your thanking him. Hard work pays off. I did 28 day challenge lost 9 lbs and almost 6”. Could never do that on my own.

Jackie Leavitt

Amazing work outs that will tone and work you. More successful than your regular gym.

Melissa Springsteen Martin

Amazing experience!! Group training is so fun and Pedram is an awesome instructor!

Holly Lafferty Howe

Pedram is a great fitness trainer!!! Highly recommend him for all levels of fitness—wherever you are at!

He is very encouraging and very smart!

Kevn Dekker

Great atmosphere. Great training. Super attentive. Everything you need to get in shape is right here.

Lissa VanBebber Yogan

I just finished a 28 day challenge at FitTrain. It involved following a set eating guide and working out. The 28 day food plan was great! I loved having grocery lists, recipes and a set schedule of breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner items. Honestly, it was gourmet-like! I have learned to cook many new items, ditched my addiction to coffee (but can still have 5 cups a week and found that I feel both calm and energetic. I love working out with Pedram and appreciate that he truly designs the workouts for my body, fitness level and ability. He pushes me but doesn't kill me.